Hello & UPPERCASE Magazine


Hello friends... Sorry for the radio silence round here, I've had my hands full of life stuff and sadly the blog is something I just haven't found the time for of late... However, I'm going to try to pop in to this space a little more often starting today with the latest issue of the wonderful UPPERCASE magazine...

This issue is a Special Stationery Issue and features a couple of articles I wrote; an interview with the very lovely Tonje and Ingrid of Darling Clementine (wonderful Scandinavian designers) and a round-up of the UK stationery industry featuring some of the best stationery designers in the UK today...

As a bonus to readers this issue also includes a FREE online stationery guide which is well worth checking out... And if you don't already, you can subscribe to the magazine here....

Enjoy my friends!

At Home With >> Lauren Spencer King


Welcome back to Lottie Loves dear readers... I am starting this year's series of At Home With interviews in Silverlake, Los Angeles with artist Lauren Spencer King... Lauren creates beautiful watercolour paintings and blogs about her life and work here... Welcome Lauren!

Hello, my name is >> Lauren Spencer King
I live in >> Los Angeles, California
I am an >> Artist
My home is >> An  apartment in a 1920's building on top of a hill, with lots of original details and a beautiful secret garden courtyard.
My most favourite part of my home is >> My neighbors. I am close friends with two of my neighbors, and that just feels so rare these days, especially in LA. I feel so grateful. My favorite things in the apartment are the lavender bathtub which I have grown to love, the old ice box, and the large window in the living room that looks out into the treetops.
My favourite room is >> The living room. It's really all about that big window. There is the most amazing light in the afternoon, and there is a moment when the house is full of rainbows. I also get to watch mourning doves and humming birds all the time, and ocassionally I see a hawk. Dreamy.
My most recent purchases for my home are >> Palo santo wood which I love to burn, a shallow white dish from Astier de Villatte to add to my collection, and a Morocan cookbook.
My favourite place to shop for home wares is >> The storage space where I have all of my mum's and both my grandmother's belongings. They each collected things from all over the world. My mum was a big collector of Native American artifacts, her mom was an amazing painter, and my other grandmother loved danish design and kept all of her original mid century furniture. I feel my home is a mix of all of their things and their styles. There is so much in storage I wish I had room for. I always want a more minimal home, but with so much amazing stuff from my family in a small space it tends to get a little "more is more" in here.
For me the most important thing about a home is >> That it is full of books, that everything has a place and yet not everything is perfect, and that it has lots of light. As a homebody, it's important that it is the one place I want to spend more time than anywhere else. It's important that I always have fresh flowers by my bed and that when I look out my windows I see trees.
A house is only a home when >> Things are placed with intention. Even if it is one thing. I remember when I lived in Paris years ago I rented a furnished apartment. When I walked in it felt like a house, but not yet my home. The first thing I did was stick a post card of a favorite painting on the wall in my bedroom, and then I walked to the flower shop and bought myself a plant.

And here is a sneak peek around her stunning home...

What a beautiful space... And how lovely is this floral painting... 

Thank you Lauren!

Life Lately


Hello friends! What can I say, apologies for my absence from this space.. It has been down to moving, lack of wifi and house renovations... Next week I will be back with an At Home With interview with LA-based artist Lauren Specner King, a Creative Loves feature with Julie of Famille Summerbelle, and more...

In the mean time some pics from my life lately.. From top... Flea market finds, cushion making at MiY Workshop and our new local shop!

See you Monday...

Giveaway >> The House That Lars Built


I am kicking off 2013 with a great little giveaway... The very lovely Brittany of The House That Lars Built is offering one lucky Lottie Loves reader the chance to win one of her pretty Language of Flowers calendars...

TO ENTER: Please leave a comment below telling me what you are most looking forward to in 2013...

1. Pop over to Lottie Loves and hit 'like'
2. Pop over to The House That Lars Built and hit 'like'
(Please leave a comment for each entry to increase your chances of winning)

WINNER: Giveaway ends at midnight on January 13th... The winner will be drawn at random and announced here the next day...

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE - Our winner is Blumette in Australia... Congratulations to her!

Happy New Year!


Hello! Happy new year to you all... We started the year with a walk on the cold but sunny beach, a great start... I am taking the rest of this week off and will be back in full blogging mode next Monday but in the mean time you can keep up with all my goings on on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook....

And in case you missed them here are my fave posts from Lottie Loves from 2012...

A creamy grey Weekly Loves...
Shopping At... Ink Kit...
My new home mood board...
At Home With... Benita of Chez Larsson...
Life Lately in Pictures...
Prints from Denmark...

See you Monday!

What a Great Year!


Dear friends... Wishing you and yours a very happy festive season... Thanks for all your support this year it has been a really great and very eventful year for me and I hope it has for you too... I'll be popping back in to announce the winner of my 24 Merry Days Giveaway on the 29th December but otherwise I'm closing my mac, looking forward to spending some time with my huge extended family and will see you in the new year...

Don't forget to check out the last of the other 24 Merry Days Giveaways on Oh, Hello Friend, Dust Jacket Attic and The Proper Pinwheel... Thank you Audrey of This Little Street for organising such a fantastic series of giveaways...

Happy Holidays to you all!

24 Merry Days Giveaway >> Win All This!!


Today it is my turn for a 24 Merry Days Giveaway, yay! I have four great prizes for Lottie Loves readers to win... Firstly a Goodnight Moon Pillow and Crown from super cute Colette Bream, and secondly a set of five mini wooden bowls and a set of four planters from the very lovely Wind & Willow Home...

So, something for you and something for the little person in your life, perfect!

TO ENTER: Please leave a comment below telling me what you love most about Christmas...

1. Pop over to Lottie Loves and hit 'like'
2. Pop over to Wind & Willow and hit 'like'
3. Pop over to Colette Bream and hit 'like'
(Please leave a comment for each entry to increase your chances of winning)

WINNER: Giveaway ends at midnight on December 28th... The winner will be drawn at random and announced here the next day...

Good luck everyone!

**UPDATE** The giveaway is now closed... I will be announcing the winner tomorrow...

**ANOTHER UPDATE** Our winner is Blue Eyed Night Owl, well done to her and thank you all for entering... Happy New Year!

Christmas Decoration & DIY Roundup


So, it is nearly that time of year again... I've done pretty much nothing to prepare for Christmas so far but I'm beginning to get in the mood and have been having a little look around for some inspiration... There are so many great Christmas decoration, wrapping and DIY projects out there it's hard to pick just a few but here are some that I am loving right now...

Above, clockwise from top right... Printable tree ornaments from Hey Look; Pretty Ball Balls from Asleep From Day; Wooden bead tree decorations from Hokusfiliokus; How to make a simple cotton ball ball from DaWanda; Modernise a traditional ball ball with this DIY from Likainen Parketti; Make your own geometric ball balls with kits from Sung; How to make decorations inspired by the traditional Finnish Himmeli from The House That Lars Built...

Below, clockwise from top right... Washi tape tags from Ella's Inspiration; Make your own tree tags with Norske Interior Blogger; Printable gift tags from Hey Look; Love this simple black star tag: Paper and felt Chritsmas tree tags from Anness...

And finally how fun is this hand painted Christmas themed crockery from French Esty shop Asleep From Day... Love the little teapot and cups...

Happy Christmas inspiration to you all!

Oh and don't miss today's 24MerryDays giveaway over on Lola Lina today, you could win a journal and notecards from Rifle Paper Co... My giveaway is coming up this Friday, exciting!

Creative Loves >> Darbie of Field Guide Design


This is the last Creative Loves interview of the year... I've featured some fantastic ladies this year (all the interviews can be found here) so thank you to all of you! I'm ending 2012 with the hugely inspirational Darbie of Field Guide Design... Darbie lives in Kingston, a small city in the Hudson Valley just North of New York City.  She designs handmade paper goods and jewelry for her shop, plays music with her husband in two bands: The Last Names and Bishop Allen, and does some graphic design and art restoration on the side. Welcome Darbie

Can you tell us about your work space? I live and work in a big old Victorian house.  My husband and I moved from Brooklyn to upstate NY because we both worked from home and wanted more space so we could take on bigger projects.  My design studio is on the 2nd floor and my silkscreening table is in the attic, where my husband also has his recording set-up.  I'm a nester and a collector, so I like to fill my workspace with all my books and trinkets and treasures and scraps of inspiration.  The furniture is all things we picked up at yard sales.  Old metal flat files, specimen drawers, card catalogs, mismatched lamps, antique work tables, and bookshelves.   

Have you always been creatively driven? My parents both went to art school, so I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with paintings on every wall, a library full of art books, and two studios filled with amazing supplies.  I ended up majoring in graphic design at RISD, and knew right away that I didn't want to get stuck doing anything too computer-based.  I love making things with my hands and experimenting with materials!

What inspires you, where do you go for ideas? I'm endlessly inspired by vintage ephemera.  I love nothing more than digging through piles of junk at yard sales and antique stores.  Whenever I'm stuck on a project I leaf through all my old books and stacks of vintage magazines.  And nature walks are great.  I love collecting things from the forest floor:  pine cones, feathers, acorns, rocks, leaves.   

Please tell us about your current creative loves...
Illustration >> Maira KalmanMike Perry
Graphic Design >>  Grain Edit
Blogs >> Design SpongePoppytalk
Magazines >> BullettLula

What is a typical work day for you? Hmm...there's really no such thing as a typical work day for me.  It always starts with coffee in bed and about an hour down the internet rabbit hole.  After that I could be silkscreening paper, chipping rocks, painting pocket knives, gluing strings on ornaments, packing orders, making post office runs, weaving records, assembling necklaces, recording songs in the attic, or making prototypes for new designs.

How do you approach each brief / project? What tools and materials do you use to create you work? I have a notebook where I write down all of my ideas for new projects.  I seem to always think of things when I am drifting off to sleep, so I keep it right next to my bed.  When I am ready to move on to something new I go through the list and see what speaks to me.  I don't think of myself as a jewelry designer, or a graphic designer, or a textile designer.  I like to keep it open.  When I'm dreaming up new ideas I can really let my mind wander and not feel limited by a specific set of materials or tools.  This usually means that the things I use to create my work change entirely from project to project.           

What projects are you working on at the moment? The month of December has been all about fulfilling holiday orders for my etsy store.  Night and day.  Like a good little elf.  Come January I am going to delve into my list and see what's next!  

What has been the most interesting or exciting project you've worked on? I really loved designing the woven paper cover for The Last Names record.  The Last Names is a band I started with my husband.  We had been playing music together in Bishop Allen for a few years, but this record was our first true collaboration.  It was really cool to be a part of the songwriting, and then to sing the songs, and then to design a visual element to compliment them.  We did a small, limited-edition vinyl pressing, so I was able to do something super handmade and over-the-top for the artwork.  I designed a series of patterns to be woven into a die-cut record jacket with colored strips of paper.  When somebody orders one we weave it in one pattern, but each record comes with extra strips of paper and a pattern guide for reweaving, so it's interactive and endlessly changeable.  We made a video that kinda shows how it works.   

In terms of your work what couldn't you live without? All of the bits and baubles I've collected along the way that I use for inspiration.

What do you love most about what you do? Having an idea and seeing it come to life!

What do you want to do in the future? Take a vacation!

Where are you happiest? Hanging out by the fireplace, listening to records with my husband and my sweet cats.

Thanks again Darbie!

At Home With >> Niki of My Scandinavian Home


Today on At Home With we travel to Malmö, Sweden and take a little look around the home of Niki of My Scandinavian Home... Enjoy!

Hello, my name is >> Niki
I live in >> Malmö, Sweden and am originally London.
I am a >> By day I love having a good mooch around beautiful Nordic homes and then sharing them on my daily interior blog My Scandinavian Home.
I live in >> A house by the sea with my Swedish husband, step son (11) and two little girls (2 & 4)
My favourite part of my home is >> Our open plan kitchen / dining and sitting room area. When my family and I are all home doing our various bits and bobs we can still chat and laugh together from across the room.
My favourite room is >> Our dining area. I call this 'the engine' of our house as this is the area that brings us all together. Whether it's having supper with family or friends, making collages with the children, or sitting down with my husband to put together plans for our pipe dream sailing trip around the world (one day!) this is the heart of our home.
Our most recent purchase for our home >> Was a set of three pendant Porcelight P14 lamps by Danish designer Erik Magnussen to go over our dining room table. I love that by day they white but when you turn them on in the evening the whole lamp lights up with a warm golden glow.
My favourite place to shop for homewares is >> I am having an incredibly hard time selecting just one favourite place to shop for homewares, eeeek! In Malmö it's definitely Malmö Modern, a beautiful shop where the owners will go out of their way to help you with latest Scandinavian design items. Online I love Toast home, L'Affiche Moderne, Anthropologie, LET LIV, Design Collectors, Ferm Living..... stop me, or I could go on forever!
For me the most important thing about a home is >> Surrounding yourself with the people and items you love. Oh and lots of light (I live in Sweden after all!).
A house is only a home when >> At the end of the day, there's no other place you'd rather be.

And here is a sneak peek into Niki's gorgeous home...

Thanks Niki!

A Week in >> Sao Paulo


I was lucky enough to spend this week in Sao Paulo... What a city! I was mainly working but we travelled around to many different locations so I managed to see quite a lot and experience some amazing views from the apartments we filmed in...

The people of this crazy jungle city were some of the friendliest I've ever met and really made our trip... We sampled some of the best caipirinha's in town with friends at Veloso Bar (thank you Nanda & Tati), swung by a favela, saw a lot of flip flops, found Jesus Juice, managed to not get stuck in too much traffic and ate amazing steak...

So thank you Sao Paulo, I hope to come back soon... For more pictures of this trip you can find me on Instagram @charlotteriversoflottieloves...

Also don't forget to enter this week's 24MerryDays giveaways over on Happiness Is, Oh The Lovely Things, Design Crush and Little White Whale...

Back Monday!

Christmas Giveaway >> With Karolin Schnoor & Weranna's Warehouse


This week's giveaway is a double Christmas Giveaway!! Lottie Loves readers have a chance to win a Tea Towel and Ornament Christmas Card from Karolin Schnoor and a set of six (you can choose the colours) Felted Balls from the lovely Riikka Weranna's Warehouse, how lovely would they look hanging on a tree!

You can enter the giveaway two ways...

1. Leave a comment with your name below 
2. Pop over to the Lottie Loves facebook page and hit 'like'

I will choose the lucky winner this Friday... so please check back then...

Good luck everyone and thanks so much Karolin and Riikka!

**UPDATE** Our lucky winner is Col of Hello Olive... Well done to her!

At Home With >> Caro of While the Sun Shines


Hello friends! As promised normal service resumes on the blog this week although I am in Sao Paulo so blogging from a not so normal for me spot, it's hot! I'm starting the week with an At Home With interview with the lovely Caro of While the Sun Shines, a blog I love! But just before I start a quick reminder that you can enter the most recent 24 Merry Days giveways here, here and here...

Hello, my name is >> Caro
I live in >> Virginia, USA
I am a >> Wife, daughter, sister, maker of paper things and a graphic designer
My home is a >> U-shaped brick ranch with a step-down living room and a great layout
My favourite part of my home is >> The quietness of its rooms in the early morning. The open spaces, slowly filling with light make every day feel fresh.
My favourite room is >> The kitchen, always changing, rarely empty
My most recent purchase for my home was >> A C.Jere metal sunburst with birds on it, I have been waiting to find one for over our credenza and seeing it up there on the wall, makes me smile a quiet little smile. 
My favourite place to shop for home ware is >> The curb, the thrift store, and of course IKEA. My husband Tim and I love giving a new home to pieces other can no longer use. We also value having things that don't feel too precious. We want our home to be functional and comfortable for others to be in when they are visiting, and we never want to be so in love with a thing that it becomes more important than the person using it. 
For me the most important thing about a home is >> The people you share it with, not just the ones who love there, but also those you invite into it. 
A house is only a home when >> It's full. Tim and I both came from families of six, so when we first got married and moved into a tiny little apartment by ourselves, we both turned to each other and said "where is everybody else?" Now, our house feels most like a home when we're sharing it with others....

And here is a sneaky peek look at Caro's lovely home.... 

Thank you so much Caro!

Life Lately & News


Things got a little crazy in my world this week so I didn't get time to run my scheduled posts but I wanted to pop in with some pictures of my life lately and some news...

My interview with the lovely Julia of Winters Moon is now available to read in the latest issue of 91 Magazine... Great job Caroline and team!

Also the 24 Merry Days giveaways are in full swing and there are some really great prizes to be won... Be sure to check out the first few giveaways here - 79 IdeasFellow & FellowSugar & ClothThe Sweetest Occasion - and look out for the latest one on That's Happy later today...

Good luck everyone!

Home >> Brighton Open Houses


Good morning friends... I hope you enjoyed the weekend... I visited the brilliant AT Open House in Brighton run by April and Tim... My full review of the event will be published in the next issue of Mollie Makes but I wanted to give you just a little sneak peek as there was so much good stuff there... Also the Brighton Open House trail is on for the next two weekends so if you are in or around the area you should check it out, a full list of participating houses can be found here... 

In other news head on over to Fellow Fellow for the latest 24 Merry Bloggers Giveaway for your chance to win a gorgeous screen printed map from Famille Summerbelle... 

Weekly Loves >> Creamy Grey on a Sunny Day


Happy Friday friends! Wishing you all lovely weekends... Here are a few of my fave finds from around the web this week...

1. A good way to start the weekend, Clear Your Head print from Anthony Burrill
2. Nice magnifying glass, from Quill London
3. Some crimbo inspiration from April & May
4. Love these lab bottles...
5. And this gorgeous Meow print from Wesley Bird
6. What a pretty party balloon!

See you Monday!

P.S. Don't forget you can enter the first 24 Merry Days giveaway tomorrow over on 79 Ideas, good luck!

24 Merry Days


I've had to keep this under wraps for a while but today I'm excited to announce a lovely bloggers giveaway project that I am part of called 24 Merry Days... Organised by the very lovely Audrey of This Little Street 24 Merry Days sees 24 bloggers give away 24 gorgeous goodies from (amongst others) Ferm Living, Poketo, Ouef NYC and Rifle Paper Co, during the 24 days leading up to Christmas...

My giveaway is scheduled for 21st December but before then there are lots of other great giveaways you can take part in starting this weekend with Radostina of 79 Ideas...

Good luck everyone!

Wish Listed


Just popping in with some mid-week fave finds for you...

a... A gorgeous chandelier
b... A beautiful necklace
c... And a comfy cushion

Home >> Mood Board


Hello Friends.... Today I wanted to share with you a little mood board I've been putting together for our new (fingers crossed) home that we are buying by the sea... It is a little old victorian terraced house with quite a bit of character so I'm thinking keep it simple... Soft, muted, pastel tones on white with the addition of some black pieces for contrast... We've already started thinking about revamping some flea market finds that we've got and reupholstering some beautiful, but tired chairs that we've had to years...

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts...

Also if you like what you see you can check out more of my home inspiration on my Home Inspiration Pinterest Board...

Below are four of my most recent favourite pins, you can find all the originals here...

Friday Faves


Another long week and another load of work on so again no Weekly Loves this week... However here are some links to a few things I've loved this past week...

>> How to make watercolour gift wrap
>> Love this little corner
>> Wahooo, a fantastci bicycle giveaway
>> Washi tape DIY Gift Tags
>> And in case you missed it check out Benita's gorgeous Swedish home

Enjoy and see you Monday!

Give Away >> With Little Green Shed


This week we are giving away a choice of one print and two postcards by the lovely Lou of Little Green Shed... The winner will be able to choose one of Lou's A3 prints (two of my favourites shown above) and a couple of postcards to go with it, nice prize! 

You can enter the giveaway two ways...

1. Pop over to the Lottie Loves facebook page and hit 'like'
2. Pop over to the Little Green Shed facebook page and hit 'like'

Please leave a comment below for each entry and I will choose the lucky winner using random generator... If you have already done these things before you can still enter, just say that in the comments below...

The name of the winner will be published here on Thursday 29th November so please check back then...

Good luck everyone and thanks so much Lou!

** UPDATE ** Our winner is the very lucky Charlotte...Well done to her and thanks everyone for entering!

Wish Listed - Navy with a Pop of Peach


My wish listed items this week are...

a... A make up pouch...
b... A chunky crocheted neck warmer...
c... Some spotted envelopes...
d... And a peach and gold ring...

Photography >> Some Images I'm Loving


Here's a little end of day inspiration for you... Found, here, here, here, here, here and here...

At Home With >> Benita of Chez Larsson


This week we on At Home With we have the lovely Benita of Chez Larsson... I absolutely love Benita's home and the inspirational blog she writes... Welcome Benita!

Hello, my name is >> Benita
I live in >> A suburb in Stockholm, with my eighteen year old son Wille and our cats Mini and Bonus.
I am a >> Web coordinator by day and blogger by night.
My home is >> A split level 1950’s row house where I’m only the second owner which is pretty cool.
My favourite part of my home is >> So many things; how light is, all the fun different levels, the nooks and crannies, that the basement is so dry and warm, my friendly neighbors, that Wille can have his own floor. The list is endless.
My favourite room is >> The open plan living room, kitchen and home office. It’s where I spend most of my time blogging, relaxing and occasionally entertaining.
My most recent purchase for my home was >> A splurge. I finally got the Snow cabinets I've lusted over for years. I love how they made themselves right at home in my living room. I'm telling myself they were meant to be.
My favourite place to shop for home wares is >> Anywhere online. This fall I’ve had a shop crush on Kaufmann Mercantile.
For me the most important thing about a home is >> That it’s cozy. I make sure to warm up our mostly white interior with plenty of fresh flowers, candles, wooly blankets and fluffy pillows. Feet are allowed on the coffee table and so are cats.
A house is only a home when >> Wille, Mini and Bonus are happy and comfortable there.

And here is a sneak peek inside Benita's lovely home...

Thank you Benita!

Happy Friday


I've been super busy with all sorts of assignments this week so sadly I have had no time to gather my Weekly Loves... Instead I leave you with this beautiful photograph / collage by Anton Bundenko and a reminder to enter the Quill & Fox Recipe Card Giveaway...

I'll be back on Monday with an interview and sneaky peek round the home of the woman behind the very brilliant Chez Larsson...

Wishing you all happy weekends!
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